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I’m a designer who loves to create memorable, meaningful graphic and web designs that engage viewers and enhance usability. I help my clients stand out with strategic creative services. I do this through graphic design, web design, and front-end web development. I can renew your company’s brand, expand your digital platform, and engage your customers.

What I Do

The Hard Skills

Digital Strategy

Art Direction

Graphic & Web Design

Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS)

WordPress CMS

DSLR Photography

I love jobs with equal work in design and development, so if you’re looking for a designer who can code it too, please feel free to get in touch with me.

The Soft Skills

Besides the hard technical skills, I have acquired several soft skills and nuance over my 8 years of designing.

I am independent and need little guidance. (Perhaps this is my solopreneur background!) A blank page and a blinking cursor don’t intimidate me. I thrive working from scratch to create new designs such as the Smile TeamOpen Heart Parrot Rescue, and SPC Safety & Security logos, or even 100% hand-coded websites built without any WYSIWYGs.

I also have experience with project management. I understand the balancing act between scope, priority, and resources between multiple, simultaneous projects. I even manage risk by trying to predict and creating solutions to issues before they arise, such as building in grace-room in a production schedule for a client that tends to be late or last-minute.

I excel at writing client presentations to explain the decision-making behind a design. Judges from AIGA DC’s Creative Reviews have frequently praised (and asked to imitate!) my logo infographics, and my Case Study approach resonates with my peers and clients better than a portfolio or slideshow.

Yet the soft skill that is my pride and joy, that I really enjoy doing A LOT, is process improvement. I like documenting processes, often through shareable tutorials or orientation guides. I like testing designs against usability heuristics. I like organizing things. Whether sorting paper stock libraries, maintaining archival filing systems; or strategically removing or adding redundancies—I believe everything deserves a designated space. You can see how I’ve incorporated this skill into my Case Studies’ presentation of the problem and results.

Brands I’ve Worked With:

Logo. Adelante Shoe Co.
Logo. Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, Northern Virginia chapter (AFCEA NOVA).
Logo. Texas State Society Black Tie & Boots, 2017 Presidential Inaugural Ball.
Logo. GITEC.
Logo. Innovative Mechanical Systems (IMS).
Logo. Project Management Institute (PMI).
Logo. Potomac Management Resources (PMR).
Logo. South Potomac Church (SPC).
Logo. Specialty Fabricators Inc. (SFI).
Logo. The University of Maryland, College of Arts & Humanities, Department of Classics.
Logo. Women's Bar Association of the District of Columbia (WBADC).
Logo. Women in Housing & Finance, Inc. (WHF).

Connect with Me

I would like to offer you the same passion and commitment to delivering creative solutions. Backed by vivid visuals and a solid strategy, I help my clients stand out in brilliant display, the smart way, with strategic creative services. Given my varied creative experiences, I’m confident I can bring value to your team. Feel free to connect with me.