AdvaMed 2020 Virtual MedTech Conference Email Marketing

Work for hire for AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) by Lara Lee while employed at CSG Creative with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.


The MedTech Conference by AdvaMed brings 3,000+ executives together for education, business development, and networking. It’s the largest annual gathering of medical device and diagnostic professionals in North America. In response to the 2020 pandemic, AdvaMed transitioned from a hybrid event to the fully online MedTech Virtual Conference.

AdvaMed heavily marketed its newly virtual event via email marketing. The VP, Creative of CSG Creative, Megan Hall, determined the visual core and brand identity for the event, while my supervisor, Director of Digital Matt Hamilton and I executed her designs over email. Once he or I completed the design, graphics, and animations for the emails, we turned over the art to our HubSpot developer, Elle Lawrence, to code for our client. The transition introduced a minor brand change mid-way through the email marketing. Orange swapped for green, plus a new logo, indicated the new 100% virtual event.

My Role

Digital Designer

HubSpot Developer

Elle Lawrence


CSG Creative

Creative Direction

Megan Hall


IAEE Art of the Show 2020 Best of Show
(CSG Creative’s first ever!)

IAEE Art of the Show 2020 Winner for Email Promotion Campaign under 75,000 nsf

The Results

of 34 Emails Made by Me
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Mean CTR on Top 12 Emails
Initial email marketing for the 2020 MedTech Virtual Conference spotlighted its location and hybrid programming.
A Post-Event Thank You email recaps the conference’s big successes.
Select email templates towards the event end.

Building Excitement with Animated GIFs

Communicating Brand Value at Registration Launch

Full email design for the registration launch.

We launched registration with the first animated email of 2020 illustrating the brand’s tagline via text reveal.

Director, Digital and my personal supervisor, Matt Hamilton, animated the iconic diamond pattern using WordPress plugin slider revolution. The client requested I re-use the same animation for their email. Since one can’t copy-paste a WordPress plugin into an email GIF, I re-created the shape building in Adobe After Effects.

I must consider several design requirements for any animated GIF destined for email marketing:

  • The first slide of the animation must reveal the primary message for Outlook versions that don’t play GIF animations
  • The animation must start in media res to show a “finished” look on first slide
  • The animation must reset seamlessly for a harmonious loop
  • The animated GIF can’t be too large to send via email

I completed the 8-second 600×30 animated GIF—with 3x animated text reveals, shape building, and seamless reset—in just 312 KB.

Promoting the Early Bird Deal

The completed Early Bird email design features short copy, only 1 CTA, and a seamless clock face animation.

This was a midnight rush job. The client requested a second animated email to push early bird registrations.

This email is simple—short copy and one CTA. Nonetheless, all the same animation considerations from the Registration Open email still apply.

The client ultimately selected this minimalist, animated clock face. Since the discount ends at midnight, I deliberately spun the clock hand just short of midnight, where it pauses and slams closed, to instill urgency.

Alternative Email Animations I Proposed:

Wrapping Up with a Post-Show Infographic

One infographic fit the Post-Event Thank You email. The other is a universal social media post size that fits Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds with slight cropping on the edges.

A Post-Event Thank You email recaps the conference’s big successes.
The post-show infographic live on AdvaMed’s Facebook.
The same universal social size post-show infographic appears on Twitter.

The Total 2020 Email Marketing Campaign

I designed 27 of the 34 total emails, highlighted in full-color below, while my supervisor, Matt Hamilton, designed the remaining. This client prefers lengthy, descriptive email marketing. As a result, each email has an average length of 1,667 pixels tall. Orange headlines and CTAs give way to green as the event went fully virtual. Some emails entailed just a header while the client supplied the rest themselves via HubSpot.

All the header, template, and one-off designs from the 2020 email marketing efforts.