AdvaMed 2019 MedTech Conference Email Campaign

Work for hire for AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) by Lara Lee while employed at CSG Creative with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.


The MedTech Conference by AdvaMed brings 3,000+ attendees for valuable networking, educational programming, and business development opportunities. It represents the largest annual gathering of medical device and diagnostic professionals in North America.

To promote its 2019 event, the MedTech Conference launched an email campaign lasting before, during, and immediately following the conference. CSG Creative’s Director of Digital started designing the 7 leading emails, before delegating to me the remaining 19 email designs. During this time, I also introduced animated email headers using self-taught knowledge of After Effects to build complex video animations.

IAEE declared CSG Creative the Art of the Show winner under the Email Promotion Campaign category for this email campaign, to which I ultimately designed 19 of the total 26 email designs.

My Role

Digital Designer

Director, Digital

Matt Hamilton


CSG Creative


IAEE Art of the Show 2019 Winner for Email Promotion Campaign under 75,000 nsf

The Results

Attendees at 2019 Conference
Website Sessions Garnered by Email Campaign
Spotlight on the MedTech Innovator email template.
Email template for MedTech Connect, the 21st design from the 2019 MedTech Conference email campaign.
The 19th email template from the 2019 MedTech Conference email campaign spotlights the conference’s location in Boston.
Selection of templates with photo header designs on a blue background.
Selection of templates with vector header designs on a yellow background.

Flying into the First
Animated Header for Early Bird Email

Animated GIF header for the Early Bird email.

Around the time I was designing MedTech’s email campaign, I was also teaching myself After Effects. The Account Executive and I proposed an animated header to promote early bird registrations.

However, I needed to learn the 3D card flip on the spot to complete this job. I learned how, then wrote the tutorial.

The final GIF displays two messages—“Early Bird Ends This Friday!” and “Save $200!”—all in a seamless loop with swooping arrows that continuously flip a card to reveal each message.