ACS Spring Meeting 2023 Digital Signage

Work for hire for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meetings & Events by Lara Lee while employed at CSG Creative with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.

ACS Web Accessible Signs for Spring 2023 Meeting


The American Chemical Society (ACS) 2023 Spring National Meeting & Expo took place both online and in-person at Indianapolis, IN in March 2023. The global chemistry event attracted over 12,000 chemists, chemical engineers,
researchers, and industry decision makers—500 more registrants than the previous Meeting.

CSG Creative Art Director Courtney Lopes created the visual identity and printed, on-site signage while I designed the digital, on-site signage.

CSG Creative Art Director Courtney Lopes created the event visual identity and brand for the Spring 2023 Meeting. Afterwards, I conducted web accessibility testing and assembled guidelines into a sharable infographic.

Digital signage appears in presentations on the big stage, speaker PPTs within classrooms, and overheard TVs throughout the conference center to keep attendees informed of when, where, and what the Meeting’s main events are. ACS furthermore reuses the digital signage for social media posts and advertising. Therefore, chemists may read these signs from screens as small and close as a handheld smartphone or as large and faraway as an overhead TV.

Therefore my web accessible digital signage must be scalable and easy to read — which I why I purposefully selected font sizes, font weights, and color combos to maximize web accessibility! Using my test results and experience with designing for mobile-first, I then created 10+ web accessible signs to ensure they were easy to read. The result: 100%-web accessible digital signs, PowerPoint templates, and registration, housing, and virtual portal graphics.

My Role

Digital Designer,
Web Accessibility Lead

Art Direction

Courtney Lopes


CSG Creative

By the Numbers

0 +
Condensed Schedule
to Recoup Client Delay
0 Days to 2
Saved Using My
Testing Automation
$ 0

Automating Infographics

with WCAG-Approved Sizes & Colors

Every ACS digital sign must pass the web accessibility color contrast test. These web standards, established by WCAG, ensures user readability. The standards include a minimum color contrast level between text and its background; font-size appropriate to the color contrast level; and descriptive alt tag text.

ACS management from Fall 2020 – Fall 2022 was very granular about the color contrast levels and wanted every number and detail. I had to learn fast to deliver my first web accessible signage that Fall!

However, new ACS staff and new vendor requirements required simplified infographics. They wanted more color options, so we relaxed the WCAG guidelines from AAA to AA. To save the client time and money in production costs of the infographics, I also switched to an automated GitHub toolkit.

My automation saved the client $193 on each infographic by eliminating the production time/cost to virtually 0.

Web Accessibility Infographic for Spring's Primary Color Palette mixes navy with bright and vibrant hues.



Before automation, I had to manually test and draw each infographic. This process took an average of 1.3 hours to do, costing the client $193 per infographic. Some Meeting palettes, like this one, took much longer.
The new infographic creation process is automated using a free, online toolkit on GitHub.

The Result: 100% Web Accessible Signs

The Same Web Accessible Signs Across Social