ACS Fall Meeting 2020 Virtual Signage

Work for hire for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meetings & Events by Lara Lee while employed at CSG Creative with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.

ACS 2020 Fall Meeting Virtual Signage


The American Chemical Society (ACS) launched its bi-annual National Meeting & Exposition to feature thousands of presentations on new discoveries in science online for 2020. This year, ACS moved its meeting online—the first-ever virtual meeting and expo!

The theme, “Moving Chemistry from Bench to Market,” explores topics in food and nutrition, medicine, health, energy, the environment, and other fields where chemistry plays a central role.

Like previous meetings in Spring 2019 and Fall 2019, this virtual meeting also displayed virtual signage to detail event information and promote live events, as well as instruct attendees how to navigate the new online platform. Unlike previous meetings, the 2020 virtual signage all used one universal size.

Since the virtual platform no longer required on-site print signage or resizes, the project expanded from 7 sets of signs to 13 unique ones in two different image resolutions instead. The job entailed 10 rounds of revisions totaling 13 hours of work.

My Role

Digital Designer

Art Direction

Courtney Lopes


CSG Creative

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