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Design the front and back yards for your townhouse with this interactive landscaping design web app.

We the tenants, Michelle Lee and Lara Lee, at townhouse 1531 Pin Oak Drive, would like to formally propose landscaping designs to boost the curb appeal of this property. As per a verbal arrangement, we must maintain and perform minor DIY upgrades to the interior and exterior rental property in preparation for final sale after we complete the lease. In keeping with this arrangement, we strongly believe a fresh landscape in the front and back yards will attract buyers and a higher selling price.

The advantages of landscaping the townhouse are many. Landscaped yards add curb appeal to draw potential homebuyers inside. The promise of low-maintenance lawncare is also a plus for homebuyers. Many homebuyers further want an attractive outdoor living space for hosting and entertaining. Finally, landscaping tends to have axcellent return on investment— Household Tips Guide cites a 473% ROI on front and backyard landscaping (2010), making updating the yard one of the most impactful investments for the least cost to property owners. We compare and contrast the state of the existing yards of your townhouse with their potential at Why Landscape?.

The local housing market shows signs of improvement: a dozen or more homes in the neighborhood have undergone extensive interior and exterior renovations, including five (5) townhouses on the block in the last year alone.

Please consider investing in exterior landscaping, one of the best affordable but prominent opportunities to satisfy both requests.

This site includes a copy of the White Oak Village Townhouse Homeowners Association (WOVTHOA) forms for exterior alteration application and guidelines. Start designing a landscape for the front yard or back yard based on our proposed designs and receive an estimate for the cost of materials. However, the landscaping design can be modified to your specific requirements. We would be happy to talk to you about our proposal and answer any questions. We can be reached through the Contact form or by email.

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