SPC Turkey Trot Logo & Event Marketing Collateral

Case study; SPC Turkey Trot. Illustrated turkey mascot appears on an illustration of the aerial view of the course.

Volunteer project for nonprofit SPC Turkey Trot. Lara Lee retains copyright.


Since its original conception in 2014, the annual Turkey Trot at South Potomac Church has grown into a hit community event! Organized by the SPC Striders, a health and fitness community group at SPC, the SPC Turkey Trot is family-friendly fun run and walk. All proceeds generated from this annual event goes toward SPC Benevolence Ministries, including Turkey Baskets and Christmas Shop.

Although new and not well-advertised, the SPC Turkey Trot is growing quickly! It represents one of three large-scale outreach programs conducted by SPC. Yet, the event has no identity of its own–just borrowed clip art and a scattering of promotional materials across media.

Additionally, the “just-in-time” organization of the event each year results in a small, poorly marketed campaign. Furthermore, on race-day itself, the course confused participants and event staffers alike. Participants ran “different races” and finished with inaccurate captures of completion times. These experiences contributed to a growing negative image of the event as a whole that needed to change.

Therefore, the SPC Turkey Trot needed a logo design to clarify its core identity and a collection of solid event marketing collateral to quickly generate brand awareness.

  • Multiple, existing logos in use, derived from clip art and other sources
  • Inconsistent identity creates confusion among viewers—especially considering there is another “SPC Turkey Trot” that takes place in nearby northern Virginia
  • Logo fails to communicate professionalism and instill confidence in sponsors
  • Lack of clear communication on game-day itself with no directionals for participants and no recognition of sponsors
  • Minimal online presence and no website lack accessibility


I created the logo in December 2016, completed the event marketing collateral and signage in March 2017, and hand-coded a sample website in October 2017 with anticipation of converting it to a client-managed WordPress site the event managers can use to launch the event quickly and guide participants effectively.

Before & After


  • Successful expansion of an existing project
  • Logo is unique and memorable
  • Logo should encounter no reproduction problems
  • Professional, editable, and infinitely scalable graphics for long-term durability
  • Improved public recognition
  • Standardized image and cross-media brand consistency
  • New website could introduce SPC Turkey Trot to a digital channel and increase visibility and accessibility
One of the initial hand-drawn sketches for the mascot used in the logo design.
Case study; SPC Turkey Trot. Three, themed proposals for the logo design.
Graphic. A brand mood board for SPC Turkey Trot.
Case study; SPC Turkey Trot. Logo design infographic explaining its symbolism.

Custom Illustration

My 2017 concepts started with a redesign of the logo. The original logo design portrayed a coloring-book-style caricature of a turkey in running shoes, but the brand that resulted from that was too simplistic. It failed to appeal to sponsors because the brand appeared low-key, casual, and for-kids only.

In staying true to the original, funny turkey mascot, at least once of my sketches had to be another turkey caricature. My source of inspiration for this illustration style is the fantastic work of Ariel Icandri, an Italian illustrator and animator. However, I still wanted to base the character on real-life examples, so my secondary source of inspiration is a reference stock photo of a jumping wild turkey taken by Donald Jones for Getty Images. Can’t you just imagine little running sneakers?

Case study; SPC Turkey Trot. Magnified details of the final SPC Turkey Trot logo design.

Tailoring to the Audiences

For everyone:
I designed event marketing collateral with the refresh identity for SPC Turkey Trot. An informational poster becomes the “face” of the event to entice new participants.

For its volunteers:
I invented another poster for a Call for Volunteers. The SPC Turkey Trot is a volunteer-ran event, so I hoped dedicated marketing collateral for that demographic may also help create support.

For its marketers:
I designed web ad graphics, social media branding and graphics, informational signage, call for volunteers kit, and a call for sponsors kit. These ready-made templates and example collateral would enable the next marketing campaign to launch quickly, but now with quality, consistency, and professionalism.

For its customers:
Finally, I illustrated a course map with accompanying signage along the trail route that would provide event staffers and runners with directions to reduce confusion and portray a “progress bar” at checkpoints along the trail. The course map is 100% vector as well, so the trail can easily be redrawn at any point the course changes route in upcoming years.

On-site signage and event marketing collateral included several directionals along the course itself with progress indicators on a course map.
Event marketing collateral and event signage, including this informational poster design.

To see another colorful spin on event marketing collateral, check out what I did for the Smile Team!

Case study; SPC Turkey Trot. Marketing collateral and event signage, including this custom-drawn illustrative course map.
I addressed sponsors in my event marketing collateral and event signage as well, including this Call for Sponsors poster design.
This Call for Volunteers poster design is one piece from the collection of event marketing collateral for the SPC Turkey Trot.
Case study: SPC Turkey Trot. Website design mock-up as an animation.