SPC Lawn Enforcement Logo & Identity

Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Full-color logo symbol on photo background.

Work for hire for South Potomac Church with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.


The South Potomac Church Lawn Enforcement crew is a sturdy group of volunteers that maintain the property grounds of South Potomac Church, White Plains, Maryland. Their Tier duties—even in the rain and heat—is lawn mowing, weed whacking, and edging the lawn, the flowering landscaping, and up and down each parking lot island.

The manager of the group, the Director of Operations at SPC, sought to express appreciation to the SPC Lawn Enforcement with a complimentary t-shirt. However, the crew didn’t currently have any identifying visuals. I set out to design a logo that would easily identify them from other volunteer groups and clearly indicate the nature of their work. I also wanted to showcase their strong-spirited, and perhaps competitive, attitude towards the work. The logo design would primarily be printed onto work t-shirts.

  • No existing identifying marks or logo
  • No attention given to brand; makes the staff more difficult to recognize and hinders newcomers from learning about the group


The client requested that the iconic zero-turn commercial lawnmower make an appearance in the logo’s design. Additionally, given the pun surrounding the SPC Lawn Enforcement’s name, I also wanted to incorporate elements of speed and allusions to law enforcement icons as well.


  • Logo is unique and memorable
  • Logo should encounter no reproduction problems
  • Professional, editable, and infinitely scalable for long-term durability
  • Improved public recognition—the logo-printed t-shirts are attracting new volunteers!
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Logo design infographic explaining its symbolism.

Logo Design

I began by sketching a lawnmower and simplifying the shapes. Profile and aerial views helped eliminate extraneous details. Many of the designs show motion blur lines, and in others, the lawn mower literally cuts through the graphic—testimonies to the speed and cutting-edge equipment the volunteers employ. Shapes were selected to allude to police cars, such as the black and gold that adorns the vehicles of Maryland State Troopers, and to police shields, including the overall shape of the logo symbol.

Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Rough concepts for the logo design strewn about my Illustrator work space.
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Initial sketches.
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Sketches digitized.
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Color exploration animation.
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Shield shape exploration.
Case study: SPC Lawn Enforcement. Typography placement exploration.