GITEC 2016 Summit Event Marketing Collateral

Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. Logo overlaid on a summery photo of a highway.

Work for hire for GITEC by Lara Lee while employed at Potomac Management Resources with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.


The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) is a non-profit organization that provides a professional development forum for government and information technology (IT) executives. The GITEC Summit is the premiere forum to share ideas and challenges surrounding the development, implementation, and use of IT for mission critical functions. GITEC consistently brings in high level government agency executives as both speakers and attendees.

The GITEC Board voted “Transforming Government through Better IT—The Road to 2020” as the 2016 Summit winning theme. Each year, the event receives a new visual identity to advertise the new theme. The visual identity must span across media—including print, web, and digital platforms. The collateral included: printed business cards, programs, posters, sponsor signage, and table tents; imprinted lanyards and bags; branded buttons for the website; email templates; web ads and banners; and more. As such, the winning visual theme must scale well at a vast array of sizes, with and without color limitations.

  • Previous year’s visual identity is outdated to last’s year theme
  • Needs to span cross-media
  • Needs branded collateral for new products


I proposed several concepts for the theme, and they loved the straightforward approach. As the creative lead, I then initiated a large cross-media design campaign, creating an email template, web ads, printed ads, informational flyers, business cards, imprinted bags and lanyards, and of course, the program.

The literal interpretation of the theme won out with the highway and driving imagery. Because the landscape photo is quite detailed, the other graphic and text elements stay clean and simple. A white color box behind the text stops background competition and improves readability. For a cleaner, more open, and more modern look, the white color box fades away to expose the clear blue skies. The angled white gradient, blue road sign, and the road itself guide viewers’ eyes to the important elements.

Before & After


  • Identity is unique, modern, and up-to-date
  • Consistent, branded collateral across both print and digital media
  • Individual registrations maxed out to the venue’s full capacity 2 weeks before the event date!
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. The winning concept for the 2016 Summit incorporated a summery photo of a road with driving imagery.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. Collection of web ads used to advertise the event.

Concept Exploration

I explored a variety of concepts, looks, and interpretations of visual themes to match the tagline. Some concepts, like the highway imagery, were literal interpretations and others were more symbolic and figurative.

I explored “roads” with literal roads, wavy lines of color, cityscapes, and typographic grid layouts. I also explored broad ideas like “innovation” and “transformation” with light bulbs, gears, word clouds, and connected dots. In the past, the client favored patriotic color schemes, so most concepts continue to incorporate the red, white, and blue.

The client favored the first concept, with literal roads, wavy lines of color, cityscapes, and typographic grid layouts.

Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. Collage of conceptual ideas exploring the visual identity for this year's Summit theme.

Event Programming

Event programs, posters, and signage continue the highway imagery.

Because the road photo was detail-heavy and client content was also text-heavy, the layouts employed a strong grid layout and swaths of whitespace to keep the design organized, open, and inviting.

Speaker biographies within the event program included a wide but short cropping of the portraits. In the Creative Strategy, this close-up emphasis on the faces looked warm and friendly, but this was important for the Technical Strategy too: many photos were lower resolution than ideal for printing, and many biographies have long, lengths of text. The cropped photos helped to keep the matching photo and biography within the same column, on the same page.

Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. A spread from the event program.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. Screen-printed event marketing collateral, a red bag with this year's Summit theme.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. A spread from the event program.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. A spread from the event program.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. A spread from the event program.
Case Study: GITEC 2016 Summit. The winning concept was applied to printed collateral throughout, such as the program and sponsor signage and posters.