ACS Fall Meeting 2019 Electronic Signage

Work for hire for the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meetings & Events by Lara Lee while employed at CSG Creative with permission for Lara Lee to display for self-promotion.


Twice annually, the American Chemical Society (ACS) launches a National Meeting & Exposition to feature thousands of presentations on new discoveries in science. 

Fall 2019’s theme, “Chemistry & Water,” explores topics in food and nutrition, medicine, health, energy, the environment, and other fields where chemistry plays a central role.

Like the ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting & Expo, electronic signage displays detailed event information onsite in addition to the printed signage. The electronic signage must fit the aspect ratios of multiple displays, creating a seamless look when signs show side-by-side), and retaining readability at far distances.

My Role

Digital Designer

Art Direction

Courtney Lopes


CSG Creative

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The Tide Is High: Meeting Fast Deadlines

Electronic signage jobs typically schedule 3 weeks for digital art production. ACS gave me 5 business days. This job required 26 text-heavy deliverables over 3 different aspect ratios. I succeeded in creating the electronic signage in only 16.5 hours over 4 days with minimal edits from a particular client.

Front-view onsite photo of the Welcome and Kavli Lecture Series digital signage.
Onsite photo for the Welcome and Kavli Lecture Series signs facing attendees as they exit the escalators.
Onsite photo of the Welcome and Mobile App signs.
Close-up photo of The Hub and ACS Career Navigator LIVE! digital signage.

Unfortunately the wrong specs were provided, so some undesirable cropping occurs.

“People LOVEDDD the signage — they were tweeting about it and how they tip their hats to the designers.”
The letter M.
Maddie Gillin
Account Executive