Lara Lee

Hi! I’m Lara, a scrappy B2B UX designer strong in visual design, handy with user research, & passionate for the environment.

Selected Work

A collection of mobile phones show a new assessment screen, the home screen, and a mid-assessment screen to illustrate the various steps of getting the land evaluated, certified, and getting a perfect farm score.

UX & UI Design for SMBC—

Designing SMBC’s farm reforestation app that grows crops and bird populations

UX & UI Design for AFF—

Helping local organizations
meet offsite sustainably

UX & UI Design for Merlin Bird ID—

Redesigning Merlin Bird ID for easier exploration of nearby sights & sounds

UI Design for Student Quarters—

Designing top ranking pages for top talent on the Student Quarters website

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Skills & Services

My wide-range of skills help me provide end-to-end support.



User Research


Visual Design

Print + Web

Graphic Design

Self-portrait of Lara Lee from the bust up. She is smiling with a hand held gently beneath her chin.

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