Hi! I’m Lara, a scrappy B2B UX designer strong in visual design, handy with user research, & passionate for the environment.

Selected Work

UX & UI Design for SMBC—

Designing SMBC’s farm reforestation app that grows crops and bird populations

UI Design for DEMA via NTP Events—

Introducing DEMA Show’s first design system to help users dive into the B2B trade show website

UX & UI Design for SpaceCom via NTP Events—

Optimizing the SpaceCom homepage for sponsor partnerships

UX & UI Design for NACD—

Removing roadblocks to NACD U

UI Design for Student Quarters—

Designing top ranking pages for top talent on the Student Quarters website

UX Research for Birdhouse—

Answering the flock call: discovery research for a new pet bird app for the 3rd most popular pet

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